Thursday, November 15, 2012

thinking on discipleship: it's not a good idea, it's our sole job

I've had several conversations about discipleship, primarily the lack thereof, and how to do make our people into disciple-makers.  I think what has been an overwhelming and ugly truth to recognize is that our churches (obviously not all of them, but generally speaking) in America have failed to disciple the next generation of Christ-followers.

Let me ask you a question. Has anyone ever sat down with you and taught you individually how to study the Bible, how to pray, what worship is, how to be a giving steward, how to witness to the lost, how to be a servant? Then did they take you alongside themselves and show you what it looks like? I was asked this question in a room full of men and women you have been faithful Christians and pastors their entire lives, and do know how many raised their hands? Two. Two people could say that someone intentionally taught them and then showed them how to follow Jesus. So how did they learn? The most common response was that they had just kind of picked up on it along the way.

Now let me ask you this. Did Jesus' disciples pick up on how to pray along the way? Did they learn to serve along the way? Absolutely not! Jesus lived life with them. And while doing so He showed them how to be a servant, they asked and He told them how to pray, He used the Old Testament scripture in their presence, and He gave all He had in servitude to show them what it looked like.

And what was the result? The few people that Jesus decided to invest in turned an overwhelming profit in the Kingdom. They knew how to be true disciples and executed it, AND they in turn showed others, thus the greatest movement in our faith the world has ever seen.

The Bible commands us to "entrust these (the things you have learned) to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." -2 Tim. 2:2b (content is parenthesis derived from first half of verse)

So find someone that is faithful and disciple them, so they can in turn make disciple-makers. It's not quick, it's not always clean. It's living life together for the sake of the Kingdom and the next generation.

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