Thursday, November 8, 2012

thinking on the state of the church

In reading today I came across these words from God through the prophet Jeremiah:

Everyone is greedy for gain,
And from the prophet even to the priest
Everyone deals falsely.*

I immediately thought of the quote from House "Everybody lies." This quote was always spoken intentionally and unapologetically.  House never felt he was generalizing, but instead was convinced that literally everybody lies and everyone acts selfishly.

I admit that as the world continues to turn this seems to become more and more true. I recognize that I am pessimistic, but really who is completely unselfish and honestly? Even God's chosen people were, according to Him, "greedy" without exception and "dealt falsely." So if a people called to be sanctified to the Lord fall into the same category is there reason to be optimistic?

Absolutely YES is the answer! Why? Because we as God's people are capable through the power of the Holy Spirit in us to break out of the mold, to be different, called out, set apart. We are compelled to be in the world, but not of the world according to John 15 and Romans 12.

So I ask you to join me today, to work together at being set apart!

*Jeremiah 6:13b

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